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When you work in the fitness industry, physical health is always paramount. Just as crucial for success is your financial health. Whether you run a gym or yoga studio, are a private trainer, or teach pilates, keeping on top of your finances is critical.

With the booming health and fitness market, you need professional-quality bookkeeping and accounting services to free you up to spend more time with your clients and on overall business management. 

How to Choose the Best Bookkeeper for Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is, above all else, a service industry. Your clients depend on your expertise, motivation, and the overall value of their experience to help them become their best selves. Sometimes, this requires some “tough love,” pushing them to do what they need to reach their ideal level of health. It’s a partnership between the two of you, working towards a common goal.

There’s a strong parallel here with your accountant and bookkeeper. We have experience working with various apps and tools that support your fitness business (QBO, Xero, Antaris, Checkfront, Shopify to name a few). With extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting for fitness industry, we can help support the health of your fitness business. Just like with you and your clients, this is a partnership. For it to be successful, we need to maintain a high level of communication and trust.

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Hiring a full-time, in-house accountant or bookkeeper for your gym isn’t a good use of your resources. That kind of investment usually includes a salary, vacation pay, sick days, training, and much more. Canadian Cloud Accounting can cover all of your gym’s, private coach’s, or yoga studio bookkeeping needs without any of the hassle. 

With Canadian Cloud Accounting, you get all of the benefits of an in-house bookkeeper at affordable rates. As a cloud-based accounting company, we’re always just a phone call or email away. Hiring an affordable cloud-based bookkeeper puts industry expertise, experience, and certifications with major accounting software (like Xero, Quickbooks, and Hubdocs) at the service of your rental business. 

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Put your fitness business’ finances in trustworthy and capable hands. Just as you partner with your clients to help them achieve their goals, we’ll partner with you on your fitness bookkeeping! Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your rental business’ future.

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