Bookkeeping in construction

Do you work in the construction industry? Have you considered the level of specialization required for bookkeeping in construction industry? It can make a significant impact on the success of your bottom line!

You know how different the construction industry is from other sectors. Many people who work in the construction industry are contractors, meaning that they may work for several different companies or clients. Building projects come and go, and contractors might even hire subcontractors to assist with larger-scale jobs. These are just a few of the reasons why bookkeeping for the construction industry can be so complicated.

In fact, many professionals in the construction industry look to virtual bookkeepers to handle their finances because of the level of specialization they can offer. When you’re working with a bookkeeper for construction you can trust, it’s a massive load off your shoulders – and your administrative plate! Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for

Bookkeeping for construction industry:

It’s All About Details

There are many similarities between people who work in the construction industry and those who work in bookkeeping. Both industries are all about the details.

In construction, one little math mistake could lead to an unstable structure and unsafe conditions for those who use it. The stakes are a bit lower in bookkeeping but still dire, as a single mistake could lead to an audit!

That’s why it’s essential to hire a bookkeeper who is detail-oriented and who actually knows and understands your industry. Just like hiring a subcontractor, if you pick someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, you’re likely going to run into some problems down the line.

Always Know Where Your Money Is

When running your own business, it’s essential to keep track of every single dollar. The trick is, with so many different projects on the go and clients to keep track of, you might not know where all your money is at all times.

Disorganized books can be a significant problem when a project runs into problems. Let’s say that a client goes bankrupt while you’re in the middle of construction. Well, now every dollar in your business must be accounted for immediately. When you’re working with a virtual bookkeeper and trouble arises, they’re readily available to help. You can simply give them a call or drop them a quick email on your phone and they’ll be able to take care of the finances for the changing project and alleviate your fears.

Plus, a competent construction bookkeeper will be able to help keep your cash flow balanced so all of your eggs won’t be in a single basket. If the unthinkable happens and you get stiffed on a bill, your business will be able to ride out the storm thanks to effective and cautious bookkeeping.

Use the Best Software

People who work in construction need to be able to track, categorize, and report countless expenses and costs from a variety of businesses. Doing this manually in a notebook would be nothing less than a nightmare. What you need is comprehensive accounting software that offers you tools that you can use to pull order from the chaos of your finances.

When it comes to accounting, we recommend Xero. Quickbooks Online is also an option. Both of these programs are fantastic cloud-based solutions that offer sophisticated features that you can use to track every aspect of your construction business.

That said, bookkeeping for the construction industry can get more complicated than most, and when projects get complicated Xero is the top choice. Its advantage lies in its reporting and uploading capabilities. You can easily view and share reports and budgets in real-time; major advantages for those who work in construction.

At Canadian Cloud Accounting, we know and understand what’s involved in the construction industry. We’re here to help you manage your bookkeeping, including government remittances, payroll processing, and management reporting. If you’re looking for bookkeeping for the construction industry, look no further than Canadian Cloud Accounting! Contact us today for reliable and professional virtual bookkeeping services!

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