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The check is a payment instrument that for more than two centuries has allowed companies to pay their debts to customers, suppliers, partners, and creditors safely and conveniently. Even though there are other methods of making payments today, the cheque is still a reference in the commercial relations of companies.

The provider par excellence of your cheque book is the bank. However, Canadian Payments Associations allow companies to purchase their checks from specialized printers. It is essential that you know what it is, and the great benefits it can bring to your business.

Is It Better To Buy Check Books From The Bank or a Specialized Printer?

In principle, it seems that the best option is the bank. However, no matter how small a company may be, the amount of checks it consumes is high. Specialized check printing companies often offer significantly lower prices for each blank check they sell. This represents a significant reduction in annual cost.

Also, these companies offer higher added value, such as delivery, discounts, and other benefits. If selected wisely, having a business ally that relieves you of providing checks is a significant advantage.

How to Select Your Check Provider?

These payment instruments are issued directly on the money of the company. Therefore, it is a matter of extreme security. It is best to select one of the companies endorsed by the Canadian Payments Associations in their “Cheque Printer Self Accreditation Program”.

In addition to the association's endorsement as a secure and trusted printer, this brings you a significant advantage. If you buy your checks to these companies, you won't have to wait for the bank to approve your checks to use them.

Which Features Should Your Checkbook Provider Have?

When you study the different options, decide for the one that offers you the most added value. This is an essential selection criterion os selection:

  • Trajectory: if a company has significant time in business, it is synonymous with solidity and quality. Investigate among the options that you find attractive about the history and experience of each one.
  • Variety: you should be able to select different types of checks: corporate or personal. They should also allow you to choose the method of writing the check.
  • Customization: One of the wonders of printing your checks is giving your personality to the payment instrument. In that sense, your provider must offer you different layouts, allow you to customize your company's letterhead and select the color, among others.
  • Nation Wide: the most appropriate is that the company can deliver nationally, to avoid logistical problems. Also, leaving your check order somewhere else compromises the security of your checks.

Trust the Best!

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